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Blacktop Sealcoating & Line Striping

We blacktop seal and line strip Residential Driveways to Commercial Parking Lots. We service all of Nassau and Suffolk County. Blacktop Unlimited has proudly been satisfying customers for over 20 years.

Our Sealer

We use one of the best blacktop sealer products on the market. A slip resistant, commercial grade sealer manufactured by Velvetop.


Applications are always done with brushes for the thickest possible coat. We will never use sprayers or squeegees.

Peace of mind

We take no payment up front. All payments are made upon customer approval after the job is completed.

Whether it’s Tree Removal, Asphalt Paving or Deck Pressure Washing and Sealing, we do it all. Blacktop Unlimited services include; Asphalt Seal Coating, Asphalt Hot Patching, Asphalt Paving, Pot Hole Repair, Hot AC Crack Filling, Blacktop and Concrete Aprons, Blacktop Speed Bumps, Concrete Driveways, Concrete Patios, Concrete Sidewalks and Paths, Concrete Curbs, Belgium Block Aprons, Belgium Block Borders, Belgium Block Curbs, Brick Paver Borders, Brick Paver Driveways, Brick Paver Patios Brick Paver Paths, Stoops, Drywell Installation, Sinking Storm Drain Repair, French Drain Installation, Channel Drain Installation, Steel Bollard Installation, Concrete Car Stop Installation, Rubber Car Stop Installation, Plastic Car Stop Installation, Delineators, Bluestone Walkways, Bluestone Stoops, Flagstone Walkways, and Flagstone Stoops.

Blacktop Unlimited started business in 1996 as a Blacktop Sealcoating Company servicing the NY, Long Island Area Nassau County and Suffolk County. Blacktop Unlimited offers you different asphalt sealcoating services, such as blacktop driveway sealcoating, blacktop parking lot sealcoating and crack filling for both your commercial and residential blacktop. We use a high quality rubberized blacktop sealer that is brushed onto your blacktop surface for the thickest possible coat. The blacktop sealer dries within four hours where you are able to walk onto your freshly sealed blacktop. Blacktop Unlimited is the total solution provider for you blacktop needs. Depending on your driveway or parking lot needs we offer variations of blacktop sealcoating. We offer a single sealcoat if your blacktop is in good condition with minor cracking, the sealer will fill any cracking less than in turn blocking water from collecting inside and in turn causing them to spread. For those blacktop areas that have extensive cracking and are rough we offer a slurry sealcoat.

Our slurry sealer is a sand based sealer that adds extra traction and durability. This slurry sealcoat also seeps deep into the cracks in your parking lot or driveway adding as a filler. Again, depending on your needs and condition of your blacktop surface we do offer two coats of either of our sealcoatings. Most cases a double slurry sealcoat is offered when the customer really needs a new blacktop surface but can’t afford it, this service is a temporary repair. If your driveway has cracking we do fill minimal cracking with our crack filler, this does not make the cracks disappear you will still see them however, it acts as a filler keeping water from seeping into the cracks and causing them to spread further. For parking lots with extensive cracking in their blacktop we offer a crack filling that we use a hot AC tar to fill. The AC tar filler is only recommended on commercial blacktop due to the rough sticky consistency. Blacktop Unlimited possesses all the expertise needed for making the perfect driveways and parking lots.

Other than the blacktop sealcoating we offer Asphalt pothole repair, Asphalt paving and Asphalt resurfacing for both your driveway and parking lot. As explained we offer complete sealcoating services for maintaining your blacktop surface. There are different conditions that will determine if your blacktop needs deeper repair. The cold below freezing temperatures, snow, ice, plows and constant traffic can cause harm to your asphalt surface. Depending on the level of severity, we can diagnose the repair, make our suggestions and discuss your options in repairing the asphalt surface. One of the services we offer are asphalt pothole repair which again depending on the size, depth, severity of the hole and traffic patterns we determine whether a blacktop overlay can repair the pothole or if the asphalt needs to be cut out and repaired. After the pothole has been repaired with the asphalt we go around the patch with hot AC tar which will seal the area and keep it from breaking up with constant traffic.

If it’s time for new asphalt for your driveway or parking lot we offer two options. Option one is an asphalt resurfacing. This is the less expensive temporary repair. We clean down your blacktop surface and lay down a coating of asphalt on top of your already existing blacktop. Where this may be the less expensive of the two, the cracking from your previous blacktop does rise through to the surface over time. Option two is a full asphalt rip out and repave. This is a longer process and consists of our blacktop crew ripping out the existing blacktop, laying down a base and once the base sets laying down a new blacktop driveway leaving a smooth, flawless blacktop surface.

For whatever your driveway or parking lot needs, Blacktop Unlimited has it all. Not only do we use some of the highest quality products for your blacktop we use an experienced blacktop crew to complete these services. So you don’t need to try any inexperienced paving companies, we are here to serve you with our proven expertise. We will help you in maintaining the roads, driveways, and parking lots. Being your exclusive driveway company we take the responsibility for maintaining and repairing your blacktop surface. If you want to repair or rebuild your driveway or parking lot just contact us and we’ll be there to serve you.

Why should you choose Blacktop Unlimited?

You might be thinking as to why you should choose Blacktop Unlimited for your work. We have a highly experienced, skilled and professional team capable of performing the job within minimum possible time with minimal inconvenience to you. We are specialized in all areas pertaining to asphalt maintenance and repair. With use of some of the highest quality products, competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and over 20 years in the blacktop service.

Secondly, there is no fixed cost. Our prices are based on the diagnoses after our qualified blacktop estimator has inspected your blacktop surface. Based on the size, condition and services needed for your blacktop surface, we determine your price. One of our knowledgeable staff members will get back to you in a timely manner with a detailed breakdown of your estimate.

We believe our clients are an integral part of business. So we recognize their problems as our own! So if you face any issue regarding your driveway or parking lot just contact us and we’ll be right there to resolve the problem in a very professional and cost effective way. For further details you can contact us and you’ll get to know more about our services! We will ensure to give you desired results with affordable cost and little time!

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